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With around $400K in assets under management, the Equity Fund gives students the opportunity to participate in all aspects of traditional equity investing.  At the beginning of each semester, students are assigned to a certain sector, in which they are responsible for reporting on the Fund’s holdings as well as any major news happenings in that particular group.

Students also perform extensive equity research on possible equities to add to the Fund.  Using their research, students will then form a buy/sell/hold thesis and present that thesis, along with a valuation of that particular company.

The Equity Fund

Every class, we work on furthering the diversification of our portfolio. Below is a graph of our diversification of securities by style and size. 

Inside Our Portfolio


*These graphs are based on portfolio data from 11/14/2019*

We have yet to invest Mid Value, Mid Core, Small Value, and Small Growth equities, but we are currently looking into ways to diversify into these.

Along with this, we also do our best to invest in multiple sectors: Fixed Income, Consumer Staples, and Healthcare being our three biggest sectors. 

2019-2020 Students in Money Management | St. Bonaventure University

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