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Follow along with us as our members recommend buying or selling stocks, ETFs, REITS, and other securities. Some include Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Ulta Beauty, Square and more! 

Check out the comprehensive analyses and research that our members do for every pitch that is presented in class

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Thanks for a great year everyone! Hopefully we will be back to Bonaventure in time for the Fall semester. Stay healthy and stay safe!

1. Summer Break

Learn from some of Bonaventure's best professors, alumni, and more. Check out Bona Talks on Twitter, Facebook, and their website. Click here.

2. BonaTalks

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Blogs posts will be suspended until the fall. If you have any interest in becoming a blog writer for SIMM, contact Evan Titus at titusea17@bonaventure.edu.

3. Blogs


Upcoming and past Friday Forums will be available on BonaTalks! Make sure to check out their website to see what's new.

4. Friday Forum

2020-2021 Senior  Analysts

-Drake Dettore: Healthcare

-Tim Sheridan: Financials

-Will Ainsworth: Tech

-Ryan Pfohl:Family Business -Mike Driscoll: Industrials

5. Senior Analysts

Staying True To Our Roots

Back in 2009, St. Bonaventure University finance professor and SIMM advisor, Dr. Jim Mahar, talked about what makes Students in Money Management great. 

Fast-forward to over a decade later and these same Franciscan values and lessons are being applied in the classroom today!

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Learn all about SIMM's mission/goal, history, and students!

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2019-2020 Students in Money Management | St. Bonaventure University

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Bill Piazza leading his first class as Co-General Manager